Thailand Food Trip

This post is a continuation of my blog post Thailand Road Trip (Part 1), which focused on the sights of Khao Yai and Ayutthaya. For this part of my blog post, I will be writing about all the foods I had during this road trip between Khao Yai and Bangkok. Part 1 was about the sights of this road trip. For Part 2, its all about a Thailand Food Trip.

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Sept 19, 2020



Khao Yai

Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank

Our first stop of this Thailand Food Trip is this is very instagrammable café in the outskirts of the Khao Yai National Park is worth a stop. The food is pretty decent and a great pit stop after a 2.5 hour drive from Bangkok. I was lucky to be there on the right day because the café is only open Fridays to Sundays, 9am to 11pm. Check out the ice creams and coffees we had amongst the backdrop of modern architecture and nature. We had a chocolate cake, a cuppa of affogatto and an iced-cold cup of passion fruit soda.

The Series Khao Yai’s Welcome High Tea

This is not your usual high tea – this is a Thai-Western fusion afternoon tea. We were pleasantly surprised and found the food to be of quality and tasty! You can check them out here: This welcome afternoon tea has both sweet and savory items. Small dainty portions with full of taste and flavour, served with a pot of tea. Worth a try, even if you are not staying in the resort!

Kua Kampan, Khao Yai

Next on our list in this Thailand food trip: this restaurant serves pretty homely Thai food. We loved the atmosphere here and the food was really yummy. What we had:

  • Deep fried prawn cakes
  • Red curry mackerel
  • Stir fried sunflower shoots

There are a whole range of dishes you can order and I really wish we could order more but that’d just be too much food. So we picked what was recommended. Loved the prawn cakes and the red curry mackerel was really delicious. Do schedule a time for lunch here if you are in Khao Yai.

Ban Mai Chai Num, Khao Yai

This restaurant is really interesting. While star of this place is the claypot prawns vermicelli, the other attraction is actually within our walk into the restaurant. The way in is lined with trinkets and “artifacts” of items you see along the way that pays homage to movies, the 80s and to some other western pop cultures. What we had:

  • Claypot Prawns and vermicelli
  • Pad Thai
  • Souffléd egg with crab meat
  • Stir fried cabbage

Honestly, the food here was just decent but you should still make a trip here to experience the restaurants’ quirky decor and ambience.


Boat Noodles

During our walk around Ayutthaya, jumping from one temple after another, we happen to stumble upon a little store selling boat noodles. The store is actually at Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya street, near Wat Phra Si Sanphet ruins. We were a little hungry then, so we decided to give it a try. To our surprise, this simple little restaurant’s noodles are pretty tasty. We had a bowl of pork boat noodles. If you’ve no idea where you can go for a little light lunch, this is our recommendation!

Thailand boat noodle soup


Lungpratunam Boat Noodles, Bangkok

This was a pretty good find, a store that is under the bridge, by the riverside in Pratunam, had some of the best boat noodles I’ve ever tasted. The small portions are cheap and just nice for us to sample different flavours of the noodles. Here’s what we had (from the first picture from the top left, clockwise) :

  • Clear soup with minced pork noodle
  • Thick soup pork noodle
  • Tom yum soup pork noodle
  • Dry Tom yum noodle
  • Pork crackling

Kuang Heng Pratunam Chicken Rice, Bangkok

This chicken rice establishment is apparently famous in Bangkok and has been around since the 1930s. You will not be able to miss this place as you will see a queue outside this store. While the chicken rice looks rather plain compared to the Malaysian version but it still does pack a punch in flavor, especially the rice. I still prefer the Malaysian Hainanese version, but it is still decent. We had ours with a plate of Thai pork satay as well.

Bangkok Thailand Chicken Rice

Daorueng Braised Pork Leg Rice, Pratunam, Bangkok

This Braised Pork Leg rice is surprisingly yummy! The meat is tender and the sauce so flavourful!

Bangkok Thailand braised pork leg rice

Pondtip Duck Noodles, Pratunam, Bangkok

The stewed duck here is said to be best in Bangkok and with good reason! The meat is fall-off-the- bones good and the duck flavor in the same is so good with the noodles. Don’t leave Pratunam without trying it! We had two versions, (from the left) soy sauce duck noodles and braised duck leg noodles with coagulated duck blood.

Bangkok Thailand Duck Noodles

T&K Seafood, Chinatown, Bangkok

This place is a little far and hard to get to from Pratunam but if you have the time, do give it a try. While the place doesn’t look much the food is pretty good. Prices here are a little higher than it should but I say you should still come here and try. Here’s what we had (from the left):

  • Grilled Banana shrimps with Stir fried sunflower shoots
  • Crab in yellow curry
  • Crab fried rice
  • Oyster omelette
Chinatown in Bangkok Thailand Seafood

Notable Mention for my Thailand Food Trip : Bangkok Markets

Ratchada Train Night Market

This used to be my favourite night market, and my go to place for this favourite bowl of chicken noodles – but the over commercialization of this place has now made it super crowded and near impossible to navigate. We did our best to get some eats but we ended up just chilling in an interested roof top bar just overseeing the market. Check out their interesting drinks menu! Here’s what we had:
  • Chicken noodles soup (One of the best I’ve ever had!)
  • Big bowl of seafood tomyum noodles (I have had better ones)
  • Morning glory stir fried with salted fish
  • Beer!

Thailand Road/Food Trip

Given a choice, I’d like to spend just a little more time in Khao Yai and in Bangkok equally. Ayutthaya can be a good day trip and preferably, you’d want to stay somewhere nearby to have enough time to fully immerse yourself in its history. The Baan Suan Noi is actually a little far from central Khao Yai, so if you were to come, make sure you allocate enough time for the commute between these two places. There are still plenty of places to explore in and around Bangkok, we don’t mind coming back here again to visit places we have missed! Thailand is a foodie’s heaven and we definitely won’t mind doing another Thailand Food Trip in future! Do check out my article about the sights of this road trip here: Thailand Road Trip (Part 1).

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