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BE WARNED! All Wandering Wally posts on food and travel may cause a heightened sense of wanderlust and food cravings. Please read and digest (pun intended) my content responsibly, at your own risk. Enjoy!




How to cook Fish Head Curry 咖哩魚頭 | A Malaysian Favourite

The Malaysian fish head curry has a mixed influence of Malay, Chinese and Indian in one dish is one of my personal favourite. I daresay that this would not only be mine but also to many others, one of the best comfort foods available here.


Slow-Cooked Healthy Chinese Black Bean Herbal Soup | 黑豆當歸補血湯

The Chinese Herbal Black Bean Soup is particularly good for women and helps women during and after pregnancy. This soup recipe is mainly helpful in boosting and regulating blood health and your “Qi”- something us Chinese believe to be your “life force” circulating around your body – helping to revitalize your body and relieve fatigue. Other benefits also include improving liver and kidney function and has anti-aging properties.


Mom’s Homemade Char Siu Recipe | Cantonese Barbecued Pork | 自制叉烧

Char Siu, when done right, the sauce coating the char siu is charred (not burnt), perfectly caramelized with a hint of smokiness and have fully incorporated the flavour of the pork. It is absolute heaven when you bite into that perfect piece, the combination of flavour, sauce, meat and rendered fat.




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