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When you think of Taiwan, you think of all its culture, its food and some of its diversity in its society. I absolutely love Taiwan. When you are in Taiwan, you will find that old can become new; the traditional blends with the modern. This is what makes the Taiwan Food & Travel scene so unique.
When in Taiwan, you will notice two things:

The people are polite and courteous. In most places we go, they always give a great level of thought and care in delivering their products and services to customers. As a matter of fact, even people on the streets are helpful and will go out of their way to assist you if needed.
There is a good balance between urbanization and preservation of culture. The major cities of Taiwan hasn’t been taken over by rapid over-development. This is quite unlike how some Asian countries are experiencing. When you are here, you will see that nestled within the high rises and buildings, there is still preservation of tradition and culture. In addition, all you need is a short drive/trip out of the city and you get to experience a suburban setting as well as beautiful country sides

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