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If you love Chinese food, you will definitely love Malaysian Chinese Food too. The roots of Malaysian Chinese Food can come from Fujian, Cantonese, Hakka and Teochew cuisines. As a matter of fact, you will find that our cuisine has evolved. The dishes have fused with local characteristics.

For example, take the Hainanese chicken rice here. Interestingly, the rice is flavoured with tropical pandan leaves. Also, you take the dish with chilli sauce as a dipping. You will find a very different version in Hainan Island.

In fact, Malaysian Chinese dishes and recipes can even be closely associated to a specific location in the country. So much so, they achieve iconic statuses and culminated in nationwide popularity. You can find our food in roadside stalls, hawker centres, kopitiams as well as upmarket restaurants.

Usually Chinese dishes will feature pork in their menu. Having said that, they can even be substituted with chicken to fit with the Muslim community. Since they are now halal, our Muslim friends can sample them.

Depending on which part of Malaysia you go to, there is a long list of dishes you have to try. Each one comes with its own profile of flavours and variations suited for any tastes.

Take Penang for example. When you are in Penang, you will find the old blends with the new. The local cultures and tastes are infused into these traditional Chinese cuisines. You will be spoilt for choice.

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